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You never know.

Have you ever experienced “You never know what might happen” and grow from it?

I took to walking on the beach. Fresh salty air, the sound of waves and rolling pebbles makes me relax. I need this positivity boost and exercise to balance lockdown 2 and missing #familyabroad.

Suddenly a tennis ball appears at my feet and a little dog, tail wagging, looks at me expectantly, no owner in sight. I look at him, he looks at me kind of “ what are you waiting for?”. In the moment, I decided to throw him his ball. The game lasted about the whole length of the beach. Still no owner in sight. Eventually, arriving by a colony of Terns, I said “thank you but that’s enough so we don’t disturb the birds” and carried on walking. A little while later I turned around, kind of missing his company, but he had disappeared.

I realized how much I had learnt:

- To find joy in the moment, and let go of what you can’t control.

- To be open.

- That you can reach out for help when you need something someone is able to give you, even if that person is a stranger, what is there to lose?

The gloom hanging over me was gone and we had fun.

If you are stuck, #expats, #internationalteachers, don’t be shy, reach out for help and experience how simple the solution might be! #coaching#vision#mindfulness

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