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How has 2021 been so far for you? Are you able to carry on as usual or do you nd yourself already exhausted, with blurry vision and a clouded head?

How do we break free when instead of clearing up, the way ahead is still uncertain and we aren’t sure when we will be able to travel and reunite with family and friends?

How about not speaking about covid / vaccine / lockdowns #heavy#depressing, when you are on a call? Concentrate on being cheerful, bringing smiles and laughter to the ones on the other side of the phone, zoom.. It will rebound and you will feel that way too.

How about DOING things you always wanted to do but never took the time for? Now no excuses! From photo albums to new courses online, take your pick, explore, get interested, passionate and immerse yourself in your new venture: BUILD!

How about engaging in SELFCARE - each day take a moment for you to do something to rejuvenate?

We can only act on what is in our CONTROL. So, how about changing gears and taking actions which bring you back to life?

I can help you build your bridges: re-connect with yourself and with life around you. Take action and #CONNECT with me!

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