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Meaning of life.

Are you looking to find #meaninginlife?

We leave our home country, job, family, friends, everything we know, to follow our partner.

Understand another culture, another way of life, how to connect,

Create a new #socialnetwork,

Immerse in the expat community and its social activities,

Concentrate on being there for the kids, investing time in their school,

Decide to take the opportunity to study something of interest,

Find another job,

Our to-do list is long and with it we consider what is possible next for us. Suddenly we find ourselves at a crossroads with many paths opening in front of us:

What do I want next for me?

Which leads to:

What makes me happy?

What matters for me?

What meaning do I want to give to my life? In short, what do I want my #legacy to be?

Do you feel that the freedom of choice overwhelms you?

Do you feel #lost?

It often happens when you have been a mum at home looking after your children, making sure to create a loving and supportive environment for them to transition smoothly when moving countries. Now they are grown up, and there is this emptiness in you and a question mark: what about me?

Let’s #explore together because now is the time to #reinvent yourself and it starts from within. #Connect with me

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