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Naturally coaching Expatriates

Your life and its challenges are unique and I am here to partner with you 

to shape your tomorrow the way you want it to be. 

My Why is Your Well-being

ExpatriatesNaturally Coaching is created for you to make a positive difference in your life. I know what you are about, how challenging it can be to connect to a new environment, a new community, a new culture and a new workplace. How difficult it is to stay connected to who you are, to keep a positive mindset. When you deal with moving countries, changing jobs, all the time being far from parents and extended family, you can feel very lonely, undervalued, underappreciated.  

I am Your personal, international, life change coach.

How do I work?

I create a safe, trusting and confidential, environment and use tools to unlock your words and thoughts so that you can connect with who you are and what is holding you back. We identify and remove blocks, fears, limiting beliefs.

Then you make a conscious choice to leave behind what is not serving you. You are now free to define your goal, where you need to get and your vision.

We create unshakable belief

I ask commitments and actions.

You take action and change.

You achieve your goal and step into your new life

Step by step 

1) Connect: we engage together and feel on both sides if a relationship of honesty and trust can be built. You tell me what you feel isn't right in your life.

2) Free breakthrough session. It is a powerful engagement to explore your now, your circumstances AND you will get valuable tips on how you can change your tomorrow.  

3) Hungry to achieve the vision we created during the breakthrough session? Feeling you are definitively worth it? I create a  program tailored to your needs and partner with you through it.    

Your vision is my mission.

What is it that you deeply need?

What does your tomorrow look like?

What are your goals?

We discover it together, you create your vision board. Then you decide on the actions necessary to get you there.


I stand as your accountability partner to follow up on your progress, commitments, truth. 

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