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Part 2 A new country.

Have you ever felt your #expatcouple challenged when you arrived in a new country, #expats, #internationalteachers?

I certainly did thought : “wow, can’t compete here! Everyone is physically and culturally so different than me”.

Then I realized it is not a competition!

The differences act like magnets, and one way or another, attraction arises.

There is also the difference and attraction in the country itself: the way of living is different, your house is different, and you are experiencing a new life. The week-end plans are suddenly about discovering places next door, which back home you thought of only as a dream.

Do you feel that your #reality is distorted?

And do you realize how much you change?

I went from “wow, Impalas and Springboks! Looook!” to not seeing them anymore in game drives. How do we manage such a switch?

Expat couple your #unity and #survival rest on the awareness and understanding of the new reality that is surrounding you.

Are you ready to understand and embrace the culture around you? The more you know about it, the more it becomes a part of you, and changes you into what I like to call myself, an international.

Ready to become a chameleon with a twist? #connect with me.

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