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Exclusive Services

I create for your school ON DEMAND WORKSHOPS targeting an increased well-being of your international teachers.

This leads to INCREASED PERFORMANCE in the classroom, and connects to transforming relationships with administration and parents.

A WIN/WIN dream scenario becomes possible.

The one and only CARE PACKAGE, an UNIQUE experience.

Teachers well-being series workshops

(Created on demand for an international school). 

I am able to create an unique content mixing efficient and empowering coaching tools as well as insights from years of international schools and expat life experiences. 

My approach is unique because my work targets to change the way teachers think and do

This is a revolution in a conservative space, which enables growth and has a ripple effect on the whole school community: from students to administration to leadership, inside the school, to parents and teachers's lives outside the school.

Check content and details in the Book online page. For questions hit the get in touch button.

Get in touch for me to create YOUR on demand custom workshop!

Empower your school community by addressing the areas you know can be improved for all to thrive.

Change and growth are possible once the first step is taken: connect with me!


Coaching the international teacher to launch and thrive : the care package.

A revolutionary approach for an international school to secure the well-being and performance of its teachers through the school year.

The care package offers a coaching follow up of international teachers with monthly touch base meetings where their professional issues and challenges are addressed. By the end of each meeting, teachers are able to implement the changes necessary to change their circumstances.

Check content and details in the Book online page. For questions hit the get in touch button.

Let's Work Together

Become a leading international school by embracing new, empowering and revolutionary methods : from "I wish we could be" to "We are"! 

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