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Which day is it?

Does it matter to you which day it is really?

Does it feels like they all blend into one?

And do you feel your frustration skyrocketing as your life isn’t what it should be anymore?

I am like you, right in the middle of it. All nights are now TV trays and movie nights. Holidays with overseas family postponed because of Covid. Not an exciting summer.

Let me share with you strategies I use to cope:

I changed my mindset,

I accept what I can’t control,

I concentrate on what I can achieve, using my strengths and time to my advantage.

What about you my fellow expats and international teachers? Where is your mindset at?

What matters to you now and what can you do about it?

If you need help

🌟to shift your mindset to focus in what is in your control,

🌟to find out your strengths and how transforming using them can be,

Connect with me.

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