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What's next?

Do you have kids begging for a d

og? And it goes on for years? You give in, only to realize the freedom you had just acquired because they are older, is taken away by the puppy that now requires lots of time and care. You resent that situation so much it makes you cry. Yet there is no turning back, you are committed.

This was me not so long ago. And today I want to share the learning from that situation. Unconditional love and trust. The power of both is transforming. I had to adapt, open myself, give more than I thought I had. But in return:

Once you receive trust, you trust yourself.

Once you receive love, you love yourself.

Once you receive belief, you believe in yourself.

I believe my dog made me a better human. She made me understand even more that nothing great will grow out of a place which is not cared for. Shortly after this realization, I started my coaching journey.

#InternationalWomen, you might ask yourself.. WHAT IS NEXT FOR ME?

”I gave it all, kids are grown, partner is busy with his career“. COACHING!

Yes, Coaching! It is the perfect vessel for you to rediscover yourself and embrace your new journey.

Call to action:

1 - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, in an exciting tomorrow,

2 - CONNECT WITH ME, to start your journey

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