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The core concept

Part 1

Have you ever felt like you were losing your grip? That you didn’t know who you were anymore? And didn’t get the ‘why’ behind it? I was there, unsure who I really was; and then it hit me. Let me take you through my realization, that understanding of ... Who am I? And why it is key to grasp it. Who am I? Well…. I am a daughter, a grandaughter, a daughter-in-law. I am a niece, a cousin, a sister. I am a wife, a mom, an aunt, I am a friend, a best friend, a colleague, I am an expat, I am an international teacher, I am a coach. Am I really all that? In one body!? Please write your own list. Then make a cup of your favorite drink, sit back and look at your list. Amazing! Awesome! Scary? What are your feelings when you go through it? Please share in comments below. So…. who are you? I’d love to know. #Internationalteacher #expats #expatlife #expatriation #connectwithself #connecting #serenity #beingwhole

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