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Teachers' next move

January, #internationalteachers, it is time to prepare for your next move! Exciting? Scary? Both?

Please share your feelings in comments, I am curious!

With the pandemic, what is traditionally a game of musical chairs is becoming tricky, as on top of the traditional “where next?” the followings add up:

-Where can I go that I am comfortable with if I was to stay stuck there?

-What are the laws regarding traveling once I am in the new country?

-How long will be the employment contract and is it worth it to uproot?

Would you have other considerations you would like to share with me? Please do so in comments and I will make sure to come back to you.

#Internationalschools need their teachers and your recruitment is key to their survival. Your #wellbeing is of the outmost importance for them as if you are happily set up and integrated you will convey a positive energy in your class and inspire your students to do well in your subject.

I have set up a #careprogram to follow up on you during the whole school year, to assist you especially in these challenging times and I am excited and proud to share it with you.

#Connect with me to explore its relevance in your next move.

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