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Teachers in distress.

Are you a teacher? Let me ask you:

What is it that prevents teachers from reaching out for help?

To share when they question themselves?

Is it to fuel the “ I know it all backwards, sideways, upside down” ?

Is it to maintain the “in control” image?

👉To keep up appearances?🤔

Yet our job is amazingly challenging, between creating material, interacting with our classes, administration, peers and parents. Once you think you’ve got it under control, new directives come and you have to change it all again. And doing so you question yourself all the time. Am I good enough? Can I do this?

👉Fears? Beliefs? 😰

Whatever it is, I get it, I was there. Do you?

With Covid you have been asked to step up big time, learning new technologies to interact remotely with your classes. You have adapted, continuing to educate and support your students, managing to keep them motivated.

👉What has been the toll?

👉Do you feel your efforts have been recognized?

👉What comes into your head when you think of the new school year?

👉Do you feel up to the new challenges coming your way?

Hit the pause button, take a minute, reflect. Tell me what comes to your mind. Let it flow out and share with me. This is your chance!

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