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Would you say #internationalteachers that you are feeling alone in the middle of a school full of peers and students, and feeling disconnected once you step outside?

From disconnected to #connected, with my #careprogram learn how to find the keys to interact with all the interfaces around you, to be free and interested instead of scared and annoyed.

Do you find that there is now too much pressure to deliver and adapt the whole curriculum with the current restrictions? Do you feel challenged to rethink your ways and does that make you stuck?

From crushed to #empowered, with my care program, I will show you how to switch your mindset and create the well of energy needed to tackle these challenges.

Finally you have made the choice to work abroad, to be away from what used to be your life and your relationships.

Away yet present, my care program empowers you to live fully your life and relationships in situ and 100000 miles away!

#internationalschools, #internationalschoolHR, consider that a cared for teacher is the one who will deliver best, and my program is tailored to their specific needs.

#Connect with me and see how my program will serve you best in both personal and professional areas.

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