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Teach, change, cope.

is the uncertainty due to the pandemic getting to you? Are you wondering when will it be back to normal, teaching in class and travelling the World?

Are you wondering about the future of schooling/teaching? What does it looks like?

#Homeschooling takes another dimension with students behind their screen following a virtual lesson. Yourself #hometeaching, then back to the classroom but for how long? How does that work for you?

New rules, curriculum and ways of teaching might have to be put in place, as a necessary evolution. Evaluating school work opens up on what do we want to evaluate? Think, reflect, create, rather than force feed students pages of content. This means for educators, international or not, a whole new way to prepare their teaching material. Do you feel up to the challenge? Or does it leave you #brainstuck, frozen, unsure on how to manage that leap?

Do you choose to stress about it, wishing to go back in time? That will be very difficult, but may be #Superman can grant your wish.

Or do you choose to embrace change and see all the potential it brings to the teaching world? Yes it is challenging but if well prepared you will thrive in this new journey.

I am here to help you transition successfully. Connect with me.

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