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Success & Happiness

When I graduated 25 years ago, I moved on to my next goal which was to create a family, teach and do research work in my field. Success rhymed with happiness. #expats, #internationalteachers, what was your life goal and what did success and happiness look like for you? Are you there yet? We can find happiness in many small moments through the day, rejoice in the comfort of shared feelings, being appreciated for who we are and what we give. Having dear ones to whom we are connected in meaningful ways makes a significant difference in our lives as we do not feel alone. This Xmas as I haven’t been able to see my family for almost a year now I decided to send them parcels. I never used to do that, yet it suddenly became inevitable. I had to be present somehow. I was then on a mission of choosing gifts. It made me truly happy #caring. Now parcels are on their way and I am so excited, #surprises #happyhearts. How are you making Christmas special for your family members who won’t be with you this year due to circumstances. How can you make a difference from far away, impact their lives positively and live the fantastic rebound it will create in yours?

Let’s be grateful for what we have and who we are, find happiness this #Christmas, and if you struggle #connect with me.

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