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Strings attached.

Do you have the feeling that the World is scaling down, as a result of #covid, from a whole connected trading network to a puzzle of individual countries which are closing down on themselves? With travelling affected, so many #expats went back to their home countries or are about to. #internationalteachers wonder if they will renew their contracts. Living abroad when it’s a choice and you know you are a flight away and a few hours from your home country is one thing. Being forced to stay put and unable to go back is a whole different experience our minds have to adapt to. The question is, do you want to adapt to that situation, look for its opportunities or not? And how do you cope? I suddenly get the feeling that people are closing up, like the countries. There is an unrest, intolerance is climbing, all ripple effects of everything that is happening. As expats we are like a huge network of strings, keeping live connections between countries and cultures. Living together brings understanding, acceptance. Our children consider differences as normality. Are you a citizen of the World who feels our position might be key in keeping the world and people open? What does that idea trigger in you? Where are your strings attached? How can you make them count? Share with me.

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