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Are you feeling lonely? Do you have a need to be active with a #purpose and to make your own difference to the world?

A wind has blown from Denmark and carried on its wings Samfundssind, which translate: “Community spirit”, “Social mindedness”, reinforcing their meaning in the light of #Covid.

#expats and #internationalteachers, when I reflect on #samfundssind in our specific situations I realize that wherever we are in the world, there is an active expat community which is present to provide welcome and tips for the newly arrivals. Especially around the schools we are directed to. Also expats Facebook groups exist, often linked to big cities or countries, where you can post questions.

Some circumstances are easier than others but I have often seen ladies with free time getting involved with community projects, either creating them from scratch or developing existing ideas. Because of their connections, it soon makes a significant difference in the community‘s wellbeing.

You may want to be involved differently outside of groups as not everybody feels happy or able to thrive in them, and, perhaps, you aren’t sure where to start. How about you connect with me and together we can find a meaningful way for you to move forward, connected and true to who you are.

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