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Here we go, January 2021 unfolds. With it, all our #hopes, #expats#internationalteachers, of a World soon reopen to travel, and yes, of summer holidays #homecountry#together with family and friends. Powerful vision which creates energy and determination to get through the next 6 month as the present needs to be lived.

I use to moan every January as my local gym (irrespective or where I live!) fills up with new members full of New Year resolutions: tackle the festive kilos and get fit before summer + positive mindset = new better me.

Their energy is bubbling, they have managed to start as wanted and then.. second week: “this comes up.. I’ll go tomorrow.. and that.. I’ll go tomorrow..“ then days, weeks, months, the membership isn’t valid anymore and they can’t be bothered to renew it as they are trapped into #life.

Whether it is towards gym or something else, you feel at this very moment in time full of purpose, ready to tackle goals you know will make a positive difference in your life. Let me ask you.. does this feel like ‘déjà vu‘? I should say “déjà vécu” moment?

How long did that incredible determination stay with with you last year? The year before?

How about keeping it for 2021? #connect with me and be sure you will.

Take the step to live your resolutions!

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