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Remote teaching ok?

are you missing the class around you when you teach? A class is a special environment. Magic happens there, passions are triggered in students by an enthusiastic teacher and his love of the subject. The desire to pursue studies in that field is born. It happened to me, I was 12 years old and my biology teacher mentioned Cousteau. My path of life was set that day. What is your take on how remote teaching is impacting that magic? What can you do to recreate it? Part of your job is to feel and react to an ambiance, to a comment. Then the lesson goes off track, and becomes even more alive. Do you find your connection to your students dimmed by #remoteclassroom? Do you feel that the difference of culture amplifies the disconnection? Pushing the reflection, #educators, do you wonder if your role expands to more than teaching as the #pandemic impacts students’ physical social life? How to learn about relationships, differences, when you don’t interact with people? How to reinvent the live #socialnetwork of the classroom? And use it to feed life into your lessons and make a difference in the lives of your students. Overwhelmed? I am here to help you through this wave of new challenges, connect with me. #education #culture

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