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Are you feeling alone, unsupported, disconnected and powerless?

Are you stuck far from home and super stressed?

This was me, many times through my life,

Is it you?

Are you feeling powerless?

Powerless as you have no influence over the opening or borders or the airlines resuming flights.

Powerless as you can’t go back to your home country.

Powerless as you can’t be there for your elderly parents and help them, support them.

Are you experiencing fear?

Fear, as you think about sick or weak relatives.

Fear, as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring for the business you are working for, as COVID rocks the World’s economics.

Are you longing?

Longing to be reunited with extended family and friends,

Longing to spend the summer as you always do, sharing good times with the ones you care for.

Do you have an enhance sense of enough regarding the current situation because of your special circumstances?

Do you feel disconnected and without support?

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help you.

Reach out to me.


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