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Positive energy.

Waking up with sun and blue sky? Waking up with rain and grey?

Tick the one you prefer.

What feeling comes to mind when you read that line?

I have experienced both, and realized that nothing lifts my spirits more than awakening to sun and blue sky. They fill me with energy, everything becomes possible. Blue sky and sun @positive @free @unlimited @mypowersources.

What gives you positive energy? What is your recharge trigger? And more importantly, how do you cope when you have no access to it? Do you have an emergency power source?

Gratitude is mine. When gray days pile up, energy runs low, I start writing my gratitude list. And there, miracle, as the words are born such is my happiness, my positive energy, ”I am so grateful for..”.

What is your emergency power source?

When we live abroad, our challenges, our environments are different, we need to adapt all the time and it has a huge energy cost. Now, more than ever, we need to be acutely conscious of where our PositivePowerSources are.

My call to action:

ID your power sources and make sure you plug in regularly!

Write a gratitude list!

If you feel it is not enough, I have power to share, connect with me!

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