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Petits pas.

Have you ever been on a walk and wondering when it is going to be finished? Hoping for the car to appear around the next bend? Kids going... “is it far?” Moaning: “I am tired!”.

I was there in the Ste Victoire, by Aix en Provence, the air is warm, full of the sound of grasshoppers, full of the sweet scent of the sun-dried herbs and flowers, thyme, rosemary, lavender, pine .... wonderful! Yet .... the kids are still bothered. On the spot I invented this song for my daughter :

Petits pas,

On ne s arrête pas!

Petits pas,

Ne s’arrêtent pas!

Meaning “small steps, on we go, small steps, don’t stop”.

When today with Covid19 we feel our will and our courage, falter, let’s keep going, one small step at the time for if we stop it will be much harder to start again. And if it is just too hard by yourself, take the hand of a coach for help.

So tell me, what is your song to help you along? I would love to know.

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