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Patching up holes

Do you get the feeling that you keep patching up your life as tears appear? You fix one, the next one reveals itself. #expats, #internationalteachers, it can be your #relationships, or #work or a general feeling that something is not right and demands your attention. You most probably have seen Ice Age. I love the squirrel as he goes after his nut. The nut is stuck and when he pulls it out the whole ice wall crumbles. He did try to patch up the holes but ran out of toes and fingers. The internal pressure was just too much and the water yearned to be released. Isn’t it all about that: something wanting to be freed? We hop along: “this could be better“, “I can fix that“. We address what reaches the surface of our awareness. In fact it is only the tip of the iceberg. Stigmas coming visible, making you sick because stresses and strains inside of you are just too much. #Livingabroad in times of #covid increase so many of these. It is not easy to dig in and try to figure out everything that is hidden, a big knot of tangled emotions, life moments, experiences. But unless you get to it, face it, understand it, the stigmas are not going to go away and eventually will force you to stop. Connect with me, let’s dig out, reveal and understand in order to move forward #free.

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