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Open way forward

Today I was able to walk to the end of the beach. Usually I can’t get there as a river comes through and joins the sea just a bit before. It creates a protected area where seabird colonies like to be, peaceful, undisturbed. Yet the waves washed the sand south, blocking the river pathway, enabling access.

It was like getting to the horizon where sky meets sea, I got to the end of South Beach for the first time.

What would open up for you if the way forward was suddenly free? Unexplored, ready to be stepped on. What would you associate the joyous, exuberant feeling rising inside of you with?

What if I told you that I am the current that will join forces with your wind to move the tons of sand blocking your path, so that you can be free?

Like the tide I come back and post my stories to trigger in you realization and action so you can create, and step into, the vision you have for your life.

#connect with me for a complementary session where we will explore where you are at in your life and look for the breakthroughs you need to move forward. What better #Xmasgift?

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