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Not special?

Have you ever felt that stabbing pain when thinking: I’m not SPECIAL?

Do you feel the extra weight of lack of confidence when you are preparing to move back to a new working country, where you have to connect with a new community? To get ready for back to school? And are you wondering how to cope with it all?

I have been in that space so many times. My heart pounding.

At the entrance of the school, wondering if I was special enough to bring something of value to the school and the students?

In my community, would being myself special enough to connect?

If we look at the biology side of it everybody is unique and, therefore, special. The sense of being special in your own way gives confidence. The rest is a mental shift:

Accept who you are, be your own best supporter

Work to identify and develop your strengths as they will carry you through.

How do I find my strengths?

What is one thing people love about you? (Something they tell you time after time). It feels so good, special isn’t it? Well think about not one but 2, 3.. things like that, they are your strengths.

Use your strengths to help you through the transition and to connect to your landing environment.

If you are unsure of how to, reach out to me.

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