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Naturally Coaching - 4 parallels between Coaching and Nature

Using my life-long experience in biology I reflect on the links that I find between my knowledge of nature and the coaching experience. I want to share powerful images from nature to define coaching differently...

1. Shine

Energy from the sun, minerals from the water transformed via Plants to create organic living matter. Coaching creates a new you, transforms you, makes you shine.

2. Salt

Salt Preserves raw meat and fish. Gives taste to a dish. It is naturally produced.

Salt is the ultimate spice. Coaching spices your life.

3. Grow

Living is not a static state. Growing is shared by all life forms from birth to adulthood. Coaching makes you grow, whether it picks up forgotten, discarded strands, or helps you discover and create new ones.

4. Blossom

When reaching maturity, life is at its best and blossoms. The coaching journey will enable you to become the best version of yourself you can be and to blossom.

If these words resonate in you and you feel connected to me, contact me I am here for you.


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