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Murky waters

Have you ever been hit into one of your deepest belief? Suddenly you blank out, feel and desire nothing. You are lost and wondering what is next.. yet there is only a blank vision. Numbness. The point is, you have never been in such murky waters, so how to navigate them?

When you live an #expatslife like me, you are far from family and close friends, you need to dig deep and realize that you need more than the comfort of both, to reboot and get going again. Why? Family and friends are one thing, they can listen, they have been with you in your life journey for a long time, you know they care for you. They will try to advise and support with the best intention.

However, a coach will come in to trigger your own answers, and, as these answers come from you, you will act on them. Care is also in the coaching package, as well as:

- truth: nonsense or excuses will be called out,

- expectation, to see the results coming from the actions you decided to put in place.

You become accountable and motivated to act in order to change your circumstances and create your vision.

Whenever I am in my murky waters, I reach out to my coach.

What about you?

Ready to get boosted back to life?

Connect with me.

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