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Have you ever experienced “mentalcocaine”? It’s an expression I invented to express an acute sense of brain clarity, a natural High. I woke up recently with the feeling that something was happening, pieces of puzzle finally clicking together. Suddenly laser focused, I felt power, clarity, purpose. I made a plan. I took action. #Coach #Connect. I was finally out of my maze! So let me ask you: Does your brain feel foggy? Does it feel like thousands of feelings, ideas, wants and needs, swirl in it, screaming for a structured release? # back to school # back to the office # my relationship # my work # my no work # my comfort zone # family # friends # holidays..... Are you stuck in your own brain-maze? As a coach, it is my mission to trigger that mentalcocaine in you, so that you can piece your puzzle together, decide on a plan (exit to your maze) and take action to follow through. Call to action: 1. Start with writing down what comes up again and again to bug you. 2. Connect with me. #covid #backtolife #backtowork #expatriates #connect #mentalcocaine #puzzle #brainmaze

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