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Cultural differences

#expats, #internationalteachers, how many of you experience #culturaldifferences within your couple and possibly live in a country which isn’t either of your home countries? Are you challenged and drained by too many differences?

#Cultureclash addresses the core of who we are, our true self and identity, which make us react almost as a reflex one way or another to a situation.

What came up for you when you started dating? Talks around food? Religion? And later children’s education? How about the difference in language?

How did you manage to reach middle ground? Are you still struggling to?

Let me share with you a big secret: it is all about communication!

Right, easy!


Unfortunately however excellent you become at speaking, understanding and playing with another language, you might be challenged to master it as perfectly as you do your mother tongue.

This can lead to misunderstandings where one person gets upset when there is no need for it. It is draining and can lead to one side complying, following what the other believes in, and in doing so, losing oneself.

Are you lost?

Sharing your feelings with someone who understands can be a life changing moment! #connect with me to discover how to unify these differences.

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