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How do you feel going #office, #school with #facemask on?

Suddenly, half of your face covered, you don’t have to worry about catching a sneeze in your elbow, having food stuck in your teeth or worse, your nose starting to run when you are talking to someone. Is it liberating?

Interestingly, all differences are levelled. We walk the same path with the same purpose: stay safe, provide for our families, and we hope tomorrow will bring solutions.

What if, rather than hope, we DO?

What does working to be an an active part of the solution, feel like?

As a coach, I have transformed. I am on a mission to help #expatriates and #internationalteachers deal with their life’s challenges, connect to their purpose and happiness.

What can YOU do today to make a difference tomorrow? For yourself, in your family, at school, at the office? Do you catch yourself losing certain habits and creating new ones? Do you feel you can get out of this crisis stronger? Is there a momentum you want to explore?

Call to action

Empower yourself, you are resourceful. Write what comes into your head when reading this post.

Start with yourself as everything else will radiate from it. What are your strengths? What is missing in your life? What can you do about it?

Connect with me, #strongertogether.

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