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What feelings come up in you when, because of Covid, we are asked to wear a mask?

Through history, to cover facial features has had all sorts of connotations including:

Being anonymous, ie to not be recognized when doing something

Culture, festivals,


Wearing a mask used to be outlawed for public safety yet now it has become mandatory for public safety. What an interesting twist of fate!

Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing a Covid mask?

Or do you feel reassured and not only for medical safety reasons?

If I go deeper, is wearing a mask something you are used to? Do you choose to project an image of you, that is not you, so that you can keep the real you hidden? What is the reason behind that? The purpose?

Behind the layers of masks, are you able to see and find yourself? Or are you lost, wondering: how to sort out thoughts and feelings, what is your next move and what is the vision you have for your life? How is living abroad impacting you in this situation?

Call to action

1) Check what are your feelings when wearing a Cov

id mask

2) Stop the pretend, stop the ‘I’m ok’ ‘all is fine’ if you are not

3) Reach out for help if you are lost because, as a coach, my purpose is to help you.

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