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Looking for meaning in your life?

Are you an #expatwoman living the expatlife? Are you busy with social life, looking great, your status complementing the one of your husband who has a commanding position in an international company, #dreamlife? Looking from the outside, yes, for sure, no doubt about it.

Let me ask you:

Is #covid impacting your way of life, your relationships? What is the real toll on you? Are you feeling out of control? Stressed? With too much time to think?

Reflect on the following then.

Do you find your purpose, the meaning of your life in its current lay out or... do you believe there is more to you?

Look for the signs:

Have the same ideas been bugging you for years?

Something you would like to do since forever?

Maybe you would like to find a way to “give back“? It is nagging you but you can’t quite decide how?

Maybe you want to shine for yourself? Be out there and making your #differencetotheworld? Kids are grown up and you have time and space now.

The difference you can make in yourself, by finding your why, setting and achieving your goals, will have a ripple effect all around you.

You have power. Lots. Use it!

You have #meaning. Find it. Make it count!

Make your life be the difference in so many others.

Your journey starts right now, right here, reach out and connect with me.

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