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Living together.

What is your definition of #respect?

Have you ever felt that as #expats and/or #internationalteachers, we have integrated the quintessence of its meaning and in doing so are able to live, experience and enjoy life in another country than our own?

What are the do’s and don’ts? How do we get to know them to avoid making “faux pas”?

What is the culture? What is the best way for us to understand it?

We can become friendly with someone local and learn from them, from a chat in a store, to preparing a traditional meal together. How do you create a space which feels good and promotes exchange and truth?

At the office, it is also about connecting to the national culture of the company employing you, knowing and understanding its rules.

Openness, willingness to learn and integrate, are our daily challenges as #citizenoftheworld, as #internationals.

With #covid, since we are stuck abroad, unable to go back home, do you catch yourself feeling resentful against the rules of the host country? Has the picture around you toned down from bright to dull? Are people’s differences suddenly getting on your nerves?

If you are in that zone, let’s talk, address, create understanding about all these new feelings. Would the real issue be inside you, screaming for a release?

Connect with me.

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