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Inner fight

Deeply sad, hurt and frustrated, helpless.

I watched someone I love struggle as she engaged in an inner fight. She wants something but can’t take the final step in order to make it happen in her life, held back by fear. Fear that an experience of the past will repeat itself. Not trusting herself that it will be all right.

I reached out as a coach to unlock the situation. To help her:

- Create awareness needed to understand what was happening.

- Understand her past journey, how it links to her current emotions and acknowledge they are not serving her.

- Embrace that circumstances change, as she does.

- Understand the dimension of her challenge, the consequences of staying stuck (as ultimately it is her choice), and clarify the alternative.

#expats, #internationalteachers, what kind of inner fight are you going through at the moment? Is #livingabroad suddenly challenging you in an uneasy way? Are you confronted emotionally, professionally or culturally? In all these circumstances consider these:

- You can’t change the past, learn from it.

- Embrace your #challenge by choosing your terms: engage an active move forward, lean in, find your flow, embrace experiences as moments in your lifetime.

I am here to help, connect with me to create the #breakthrough you need.

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