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Identity check.

Do you, #expats, feel that your identity is lost between your heritage and what life abroad, often in many countries, brings you?

Whilst today’s trends are focused on:

- finding out who we are,

- work on personal development,

- increase awareness around wellbeing,

would you say that living a #multiculturallife makes it more challenging?

Are you wondering:

- What part of me links to my roots?

- What part of me comes from living in country A, B, C, meeting the A, B, C people?

- What kind of #international#meltingpot have I become? What about my values and beliefs? Can I pull their strings back to where they anchor?

My partner has different origins, mother tongue, religion. My children are 3rd culture kids.

Do you realize that when you are not feeling good, all these influences play in you, making your experiences and their outcomes more complicated?

When you bake a chocolate cake, the ingredients are well defined as well as the process of bringing them together, then baking for such time and temperature, and finally the outcome. It flows.

Let’s find the #flow in you, the clarity around the influences bearing down on you and confusing you, so that you can be aware and free to use your #multiculturalheritage to its full potential, as an asset, as I do now. Connect with me.

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