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I feel.... because.....But

Overwhelming negative feeling crushing you, International teachers, expats, as you may be stuck far from home with CoVID raising again? Avoiding to look into the darkness of the corner you shoved it in? Running away? Praying it disappears?

I’ve been there. And done that. Guess what? It doesn’t work and you know it! Let me share with you my coping recipe!

I feel..... because...... BUT.....

Acknowledge the feeling.

Acknowledge the source of it. You validate both, in the first part of the sentence. It’s all right to feel bad and to have a reason for it.

The trick is in the BUT.

The BUT is your doorway to the light. With the BUT you take a stand. You fight. You take action!

In your BUT pour all the might you have to change your circumstances.

Work on your BUT so it is powerful and lifts the weight from your shoulders.

I feel stressed because I don’t see the way forward BUT there is a coach out there who is just who I need to help me move to the light☀️.

Why the strawberries? Their taste, smell, look, all are nice. Plus in Brittany there is a famous strawberry.. la fraise de Plougastel! It is a wink to my roots and an exponential feel good!

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