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"I am Beautiful"

I fell in love Many years ago with the description of Nana, the heroine of Victor Hugo in L’Assommoir. She is beautiful, blue eyes, blond hair, pink mouth, she vibrates life. Her skin is soft and white. She is, by the standards of today, a very large girl.

Rubens, Botticelli, just to name a few, painted masterpieces of round naked women. The standards of beauty, the fashion, were plump, white soft flesh.

By nature and in Nature to see bones means unhealthy, sick, not eating enough. How amazing are humans to be able to flip that ordeal into what we must all be to fit in (ah!Ahah!) our modern society aka become connected Thin clones.

Acceptance and peace with who you are Is the most important

Be confident

Be happy

Be who you want to be for yourself first. You are your own best supporter.

Start your day with “I am beautiful” smiling at your mirror.

Coaching is appreciative and non judgmental, I will create a safe environment where you will be able to explore safely and define goals. Then Define the actions to achieve them.


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