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Ireland‘s second #lockdown announced last night. Even my love for cooking couldn’t get me out of the gloom and I kept wondering in front of the open fridge: “what shall I do with the fish tonight“? I found out a couple of things about myself: 1- Cooking always brings me joy, relaxation. I very often have my mind drifting, thinking of moments in life, people, places. And I enjoy the moment after which is about sharing and feeling good. So keep cooking! 2- I am not going to let myself down! I need to show up for the ones I care for, to be supportive and my usual happy, funny, positive self. This is me! Hence keep being me. To stay in that zone and keep as healthy as possible, I am making a list of to do. The house will undergo an autumn clean and the dog will go on daily long walks. When circumstances bring you to your knees, what do you do to lift your head and stand up? #expats, #internationalteachers, how do you manage? What is your feel good go to? Let me share with you the secret power of #hygge, which I experienced when living in Denmark: it is about relaxing, and enjoying with loved ones. Let’s find out what hygge looks like for you and how you can bring it into your life to fuel your #resilience in the face of #adversity. Connect with me.

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