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Human adventure

What is coaching if not a #humanadventure?

Le Vendée Globe is a solo sailing race without assistance around the world. It occurs every 4 years, giving teams time to come up with the latest tech to produce sleek, fast, now ‘flying‘ boats (foil technology) each generation performing better than the last, in order to beat the standing record.

LeVendéeGlobe is also a human adventure where sailors #challenge themselves physically and mentally. Upstream with their teams, they build up #skills to be able to repair when something breaks, from their morale to cracks in the carbon hull.

Once at sea, they plot their course according to the weather forecast, using their experience, sailing skills and knowledge of the boat.

In their mind, a vision: to win for sure, but equally as important, LIVE the journey, DO and BE the best they can, learn, grow, be grateful for all of it, as it eventually happens now, after years of hard work.

Behind each of them, there is a team on stand by, connected, ready to support in case of a tech problem, “all for one” surely, to “one for all” as the finish line is crossed.

#expats, #internationalteachers, what is the human adventure challenging you these days? #Connect with me, I would love to #support you to the finish line.

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