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How can Coaching be relevant to teachers?

I have been a teacher for 30 years. At university while doing my PhD, in French schools (South Africa , Belgium) and in an international bilingual school (France). I have also give out private lessons to support students in their learning.

I never thought I was going to work when I used to go to school to teach. Pure pleasure, passion. Creating a story with each piece of the curriculum for the students to engage better. Teachers have the power to elicit vocations, change lives, create purpose. It’s an amazing job.

I know how a school works, I know about the teacher’s challenges:

Interaction or not with peers.

The Teacher’s room.

Relationship with principal and secretary.

Being in front of a classroom, delivering the curriculum, making it the most interesting possible.

Preparing lessons, assessing and marking.

Relationship with parents.

Relationship with students.

The parent's parking lot or network where one’s reputation is made.

You, teacher, can feel really lonely, very alone in your journey.

Coaching is very relevant in your situation to explore how all these different parts of your working life interact and how you feel about them. What needs to change and how can you picture that change. Coaching takes you in your now and brings you towards your desired future.

I am your very own change coach, I am listening to you, I am with you along your awakening journey, supporting you in your efforts and actions.

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