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Help needed

How do you know you need help, expats, international teachers?

In order to reach out and grab an extended hand, the first step is to realize that something isn’t right in your life.

How do you realize that? With honesty and clarity.

Ask yourself:

“Am I happy? Am I where I wanted to be?

Do I feel fulfilled?

Anything missing? What is it? Is it obtainable or just a dream from the past? Which are the circumstances around the dream staying a dream?

Anything that is bugging me? Bringing me down, what is it?

Do I feel stuck? What is around that feeling?

Do I want something else? Another stage in life? To reinvent myself? Where to start? What to do?“

You might have some answers, others might be missing, however you realize change would be welcome.

Your next step is to reach out.

Let go of the fear or shame or any feelings of “It means I’m not good enough if I can’t figure it out by myself“

NO it doesn’t!

You are good enough, but let’s say that you are in the twilight and it’s difficult for you to see the path ahead, even though your eyes are good.

A coach is like a bright sun shining light onto the path ahead. That light is essential for you to see the path clearly. You are walking it, you just need the light.

When ready, reach out, #connect, let me be your #light.

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