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Grandpas to run the show

Are you well over 60, but feeling much younger? Do you believe you have more to offer? Has the Covid situati

on precipitated an early retirement that you are not prepared to accept quite yet? Are your connections already retired and so unable to help? Sinking feeling in your stomach ... what’s next? Ok I get it. I was recently talking to someone in that situation and that conversation prompted me to write this post. So I’ll share with you what came to my mind then. Switch your mindset. Use as a beacon what the employers used against you: age. Age is experience, age is power, age is your strength. With it comes a vision and a global understanding in your field which don’t come with a fresh diploma. Be assured that the World need you if you come from that place. I would love to use the analogy to a few recent movies where retired old guys get to save the World. Another strength you can pick up in all of them is “ what do I have to loose? NOTHING! “ They give it all and they win! My call to action to you is Watch the movies and get inspired Expandables (Stallone) , Red (Willis, Malkovich), Last stand (Schwarzenegger), Undercover Grandpa. Call me so together we work on your mindset and strengths to set you up for your next move! #international #experience #career #expats.

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