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Going back home or not?

are you suddenly desperate to go back home?

Let me share with you:

I am also fighting a war inside myself. I want to be able to visit my family in France for a few days, show them care and love. Up to now I had in my head let’s be reasonable, the risk isn’t worth it, for them nor for my kids and husband here. Now my heart starts playing tricks on my head.

I would suggest to you: consider your circumstances and the requirements on quarantine both sides. Then if you can, do it. What would be worse than regrets you would carry like a blanket for the rest of your life?

However if you are considering moving the family back to home country, STOP!

Take a step back,



Don’t take this decision under the #covid pressure.

You are the cement of your core family. Home is you, your partner, your children. Home doesn’t have a physical meaning for the #expatfamily.

If you go back to where you came from, there will be a disconnect and it will be painful, because you are not the same people who left a few years back. Nor are the people who are still living there. All has changed.

Connect with me and let’s have a chat to gain #clarity on your life, your situation and what would be best going forward considering your circumstances.

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