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What does #giving mean for you #expats, #internationalteachers, as we approach Christmas?

Is it a cultural and/or an emotional experience as it links you to your family and home country?

Is it in line with “I have so much, I need to share, give back!“?

Having so much doesn’t mean especially loads of cash. You can be genuinely grateful for what you have emotionally and culturally and want to give the overload meaningfully.

Often it comes along with “If I give I will receive in return“. I used to believe in that saying until I reflected on it and realized the expectation hidden there. The yearning to be valued and for someone to acknowledge I matter. Which is fine but leads to the following “What is it that is missing in my life?”

Take a moment, consider, look for the pattern and the hole in your chest.

If you realize something is off in you and you seek understanding, here is my gift to you: a life changing moment in the form of a free breakthrough call.

On the other side of it, you will be able to move to a different vision of giving which matters to your heart, resonates with your #values, #beliefs and #culture. Most importantly you won’t expect anything in return as you will know you are enough.

#Connect with me.

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