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Friends vs Coach

Have you ever witnessed how seagulls are gliding on the wind, whilst the storm is unleashed around them? They trust their abilities and instinct, it’s a moment in life.

International teachers, expats, the storm of covid has been rocking you hard, confronting you with unforeseen challenges. I get that. I am pretty sure you have spent lots of time on calls with #friends to pour your heart out so misery leaves you and you are comforted.

They share their thoughts about what you’re saying, advising you strongly or not to do as they say. Your friends’ advice come from a wonderful place but with a bias as they are influenced by their own beliefs, values, and life journey. In the end, you will follow the last advise given or stay stuck, more confused than ever, unless one comes up with what you want to hear.

Want to hear and need to hear are very different though.

That is why coaching is so relevant as a coach is unattached, not seeking to advise but to listen to your words, triggering them out for you to get your own answers, even if uncomfortable as you need to dig deep and have

breakthroughs to move forward. You become accountable for the actions you decide to take on to change your circumstances.

Connect with me and let’s explore how you can also glide on the stormy winds.

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