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What do friends mean for you? How important are they in your daily life?

I have been an #expat for years, created “home“ in several countries. As a result, my friends are all over the world: South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Morocco, Oman, Denmark, Angola, Kenya, Holland, Belgium, Colombia, Greece, Canada, UAE, India, Norway, France, GB, USA, Ireland..

They are the pillars of my daily wellbeing, because we keep our connections alive.

I value my friends, each one holding a piece of me and moments of my life. All have a different story to mine but once, we met, connected, and grew something magic.

My ideal holiday? Aroundtheworld@friends! Spending quality time, sharing wonderful #food#culture creating new memories.

When you arrive in a new country, how do you create your #socialnetwork? Do you have a set of strategies in order to do so? #cheeseandwine? #dessertandchampagne? Drop me a line in the comments!

When you leave, what do you keep? How do you sustain these relationships once coffee dates aren’t possible anymore?

As a coach, my mission is to help you find ways to #connect in your new community, and later to keep what you have when you #relocate, as both can be challenging depending on personality and circumstances.

Connect with me.

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