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Fighting negative: "Love yourself and trust that you are good enough".

Being criticized,

To have a list in your face about what is not done or done in a way that is not good enough,

Wrong words in the wrong place at the wrong time

Wrong attitude, wrong body language..

Heavy negativeness

What grow from these? Silence and loneliness, isolation, being miserable, feeling misunderstood.

Coaching is about positive enquiry, praising efforts, celebrating every step taken towards the thought after change.

Coaching nurture. It’s like observing a tiny spring bud unfolding baby leaves, Witnessing these incredible colors and patterns on a butterfly’s wings. Coaching is a metamorphosis. From caterpillar to chrysalid to butterfly. Not easy, requiring efforts and energy, but in the end so worth it.

Coaching will bring back self esteem, confidence and strength, you will be once more in control, you will reinvent yourself and become the best version of yourself you can be. I am here for you.


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