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Escape plan.

Aha! Back with #Stallone #Schwarzenegger with Escape Plan! Is she crazy?! Well give me a chance! The motto of the movie and secret recipe of highly skilled security expert Stallone is: “If you want to break out from any high security prison you only need 3 things: the VISION of the layout of the prison so you can find the exit, the KNOWLEDGE of the routine of the GUARDS, HELP, from inside or outside”. It struck me that I was actually looking at a movie that was recreating for me the core of the #coachingconcept. Have you ever felt that your life, moment, circumstances were a #prison? And that you wanted to #escape that prison but you had no clue how? Let me share with you my 3 coaching rules: 1) VISION! Where is it that you want to be? What is it that you want to achieve? Get that vision as clear as possible! Once you have it, your exit strategy can take shape, one step, one action at a time. 2) What is keeping you prisoner? What are the GUARDS in your life that are restraining you? Beliefs? Fears? Let’s get the KNOWLEDGE on how they work, expose them, get rid of everything that isn’t helping you. 3) HELP! From inside: be willing, from outside: your coach! See! I love it! Connect with me so we can start working on your escape plan! #expats #internationalteachers

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