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Edge of tomorrow

Why do you think, #expats#internationalteachers that I write posts about what I do as a coach over and over again?

Because I never know when my people, in need for help, are watching. I feel like a lighthouse, my light circling all night long, beacon warning and guiding.

Because a coach can change lives.

And I came to understand how important it is to take a stand for my people as sometimes they don't do it by themselves and for themselves.

That is why I love writing my stories for you, as you may be lost, ashamed to say something about your needs and feelings to relatives. However you yearn for #change. Once my story resonates in you, you are able to realize I have been where you are and that is why I get you. I speak to your #pain. And I give you #hope.

Have you ever watched Edge of Tomorrow, where Tom Cruise lives the same day over and over again? Why? In order to try out, see what doesn’t work, reflect, learn from it and take action in order to move forward. The day repeats itself until the hero reaches his goal and unlocks the future.

We don’t have the luxury of days repeating themselves until we get it. But as a coach I can team up with you to help you set goals and unlock your future. You have one life, #connect with me, make it count.

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