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Covid took my friend

Do you have someone you love, who has been in your life forever, owns a part of it through memories of times together, and who is now in critical condition in an hospital on the other side of the world? I’d like to call it the #curseofcovid, as I can’t be at the side of my closest friend to support.

There is nothing logical to help understand and feel better. Out of 7 people of the same family, 4 got nothing, 2 were mildly affected with fever and 1 is #fighting for his life.

#expats, #internationalteachers, we are unfortunately facing such circumstances, stuck where we currently live, far from our home country, unable to assist when we hear such news. Then it’s a big melting pot of negative feelings rising: RESENTMENT against: borders being closed or risks too high to travel, laws restraining essential travel with quarantines in hotels at own high costs, the virus. SADNESS, ANGER, HELPLESSNESS.

In such moments ask yourself: “What is it that I can #Control? #Influence? And what do I have to #Accept?

Control negative feelings.

Influence the morale of friends or family who need you. Be virtually present.

Accept what you can’t control or influence.

Moments like this one are tough and you don’t have to face them alone. I am here, #connect with me.

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