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Core Concept 3

Who am I?

Have you ever felt the struggle of sharing yourself between your parents and your spouse? Wanting to please everybody to the best of your abilities and wondering.. who comes first?

Have you ever wanted to spend time with your best friend instead of being with your children and feeling guilty about it?

Wondering which to choose between a career or a family life?

What is preventing you from having it all? Switch your outlook onto yourself!

What you are experiencing are your likenesses (branches) at play. They are all important and for you to be anchored, balanced, happy, every single one of them has to have a way to be, live, coexist inside of you.

They are all from the same trunk. Yes I am this or that, but first of all, I am ME. Find your “me”, find your core.

Connect to who you really are in order to connect with ever-changing community, culture, work - AND have thriving relationships.

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